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Feature Story in Auburn Magazine
by Julie Young. Reprinted with permission of Sierra Heritage Magazine

Q: Describe your business

LS and BH: American River Rehabilitation provides physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation service to the Auburn community. We specialize in industrial, orthopedic and/or neurological injuries and provide hands-on patient care and quality individualized service. Most PTs become therapists because they have a love for being active and enjoy helping others achieve a greater level of activity. We have suffered a variety of athletic injuries ourselves, which gives us an appreciation for what our patients experience when working to return to their normal level of activity. Although we love getting patients back to competitive athletics, we find it equally as gratifying to help a senior citizen return to gardening.

Q: How long have you been in this type of business? Do you have more than one business location? Do you consider Auburn your headquarters?

LS and BH: The rehabilitation team of Brian Halloran, MPT, Laura Snow, MSPT and Laurie Meadows, OTR, CHT worked together in Auburn at an outpatient clinic prior to opening American River Rehabilitation in August of 2003.

Q: Why did you locate your business in Auburn?

LS and BH: We opened our business in Auburn because of the small town environment and the active lifestyle of the community.

Q: Why do like conducting business in Auburn?

LS and BH: We have enjoyed being involved in the endurance events in the area — Western States, Auburn International Triathlon and Auburn Century, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle in our community.

Q: How has business in Auburn changed over past several years?

LS and BH: Our business definitely has definitely grown with the emergence of Auburn’s growing endurance scene. It is a priority for us to be involved in the Auburn athletic community, at all levels. Laura’s strong running background, which includes completing the Western States 100 Run has been a link for our involvement in Auburn’s endurance events. Although Brian is not a runner, he volunteers every year at the Ruck-a-Chucky water crossing, patching the blistered feet of the Western State runners. In the clinic, Laura is the feet and leg guru and Brian is the shoulder and elbow expert. Eventually, we would like to offer monthly clinics focusing on injury prevention in addition to injury treatment. We hope to be thought of as the go-to-place for athletic performance and sports injuries.

Q: Of what are you most proud?

LS and BH: We are very proud to provide quality hands-on care in a supportive, positive environment. Our fabulous team of health care providers are committed to improving the quality of life of our patients through education, exercise and encouragement.

Q: Do you have growth/expansion plans?

LS and BH: We have recently relocated to 12055 Persimmon Terrace in Auburn. This new space will better accommodate our growing clientele and growing services such as hand therapy, knee and shoulder rehabilitation, running injuries, back and neck injury rehab, pre- and post-orthopedic surgery, work related injuries and auto accidents.

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